We take the confidentiality and privacy of our clients very seriously and are so grateful to those that wanted to share their personal experience through their healing process. All testimonials came from those that wished to give a spotlight into their personal process for those that wanted to learn more about Energy Medicine and Somatic Experiencing. 



After engaging in many different kinds of traditional therapies, I can say with certainty that my sessions with Jake have provided the most lasting and integrated healing/lifestyle changes. I would feel comfortable recommending anyone in my life see Jake, and have and will continue to recommend him to others. It was difficult for me to understand the growth I could achieve, the happiness, the calm and love for myself. Jake is a skilled professional, and a safe person. It's pretty incredible we have these services available in Winchester.


I had my first Somatic Experiencing session with Jake about a week ago. The best way i can describe my experience is: leaving his office, l felt free, a natural and comfortable vulnerability and a renewed childhood sense of playfulness. It was like 2 decades of worry and anxiety were lifted off my shoulders. I hadn't felt this way in a really long time.
Even though i live over an hour away I'm scheduling a follow up, and hope to make Jake's work a part of my self care regiment!


"From the viewpoint of being a psychotherapist for over 30 years, who has sent Jake referrals and experienced his work personally, I know him to be an outstanding practitioner. His work is powerful, compassionate, and true."



"Having never done any energy work before (and barely understanding what energy in the body was) I was dubious to try Jake. Now I go to him on a regular basis and am a firm believer in energy healing. I could compare it to a therapy session with the focus more on sensations and less on dialogue. You lay on your back with your eyes closed and Jake talks you through whatever you wanted to talk about, feeling the emotions it move through your body. He helps it “flow” whether “it” is sadness, pain, shame, confusion, you name it, anything goes and anything is accepted lovingly. I have never felt so safe to open up to a professional. Also, Jake has a strong intuition that can help guide you towards what really needs to be talked about, vs. what we think does. It is a highly efficient healing time. And what a better thing to invest our time and money in than ourselves. Thank you Jake."


"Taking care of my mental health while having mental illness has always been a difficult road, especially when traditional western approaches to healing haven't worked. Jake was able to help me walk through my symptoms and get to the real route of my problems. Thanks to Jake I not only have built skills to take care of and trust myself, I also have began to learn more about who I am. I encourage anyone on the path of healing to meet with Jake and see where you find yourself."



I don't know how to speak highly enough about Jake White. When we decided to swap services (I'm a massage therapist), I had no idea what I wanted to "work on." But we sure found it (!) and the benefits have been profound and far-reaching. What did we do? We talked, and then I had my eyes closed on his table while we continued to talk. Touching was light and minimal. But WOW, this healing session was deep and real. There is no kinder, gentler, more nurturing soul than Jake to safely bring light to your darker recesses. And trust me, no matter how well you think you're navigating life, you can use Jake's help. My session with Jake was over a month ago, and I can still feel myself living differently, for the better. I think Jake somehow completed a transition in me that had already begun, enabling me to feel more present, aware and grateful in the next phase of my own life.



"I contacted Jake White earlier this summer to work with me in several areas of my personal life that I wanted to change and improve on. I had never done any energy work before and had no idea what energy healing was or how it could help me. I had done some reading and discovered Jake's web site, which intrigued me. The testimonials were powerful and I my intuition told me that this was the way to go. The result was immediate improvement in all areas that I sought to change. After a session or two,  I literally felt something break or lift and the energy began to flow within my body again. I felt more relaxed and also empowered to change the areas I sought to improve. Each session was more powerful than the last. Jake's intuition is spot on with regard to what you need to talk about and what you need to focus on. He is kind and gentle, but also knows how to get right to the point. I look forward to every session with Jake and his continued guidance." 



"I have intermittently sought out traditional western medicine for personal healing and growth. However, until meeting Jake, I never knew what it meant or how to "let go" of emotions which led me to constant states of irrational guilt, sadness, anxiety, and ultimately suppressing issues that needed surface & worked through. Jake provided a comfortable and confidential space to teach me how to allow suppressed trauma to surface, learn who I am & guided me through the process of learning to "let go" in order to live and feel a healthier me. I am forever grateful for the invaluable experiences and teachings. Jake guides you according to your comfort level and pace as he empathizes the emotions that will arise. I highly recommend meeting with Jake if you are ready to begin a journey of self healing that everyone deserves to learn."



"Jake White Healing was a gift to unravel at a time when a huge shift was happening in my life. I am post-chemo, post menopause (because of the cancer/chemo) and need to process, to understand how to recognize what was happening in me as a whole: mind, body and spirit. Jake helped me to process by guiding me to "be" with what I was going through instead of moving in a forward motion without awareness to what I was experiencing. Learning how to break habits that were generationally engrained into my being has helped me understand how to be healthy, truly healthy. It takes work, and practice, but I have tools that will put me on the road to recovery, and for this I am grateful beyond what words could ever convey. Healing is deep, healing takes time, healing is all encompassing for our whole being. Jake understands this and in his gentle, loving, caring way, he shares this wisdom with energy work."



"I have been receiving energetic healing from Jake for several months now and the results have been amazing, and far reaching. Throughout the sessions I have made realizations about my inner life and how my past influences the relationships and trajectory of my present.  I have learned how to be more mindful in my daily life and recognize where I sabotage myself.  I have noticed that people in my life respond in more genuine ways- that they (and myself) are able interact more than react in daily situations.  I am learning to recognize the connections of energy/emotion in relation to my body and their importance to who I am at any given moment.  I have realized the validity of my emotions and the importance of just staying with a feeling instead of trying to avoid or dismiss it. I create the lens I see the world through and am refocusing that lens with Jake's help.  I highly recommend everyone to do this work, I was surprised by the depth of benefit I have received and the tools I now have to continue on my own."



"I’ve suffered from severe anxiety problems since childhood.  Anxiety has made it difficult for me to function socially and in the work force. Speaking up at meetings through my job was especially painful and embarrassing. Over the years, I’ve tried every potential solution I could think of to decrease my anxiety—cognitive therapy, exposure therapy, hypnosis, etc. Nothing worked.

My sessions with Jake have changed my life. I was and am still amazed that the healing sessions I had with Jake were so effective at reducing my anxiety and in such a short period of time. After each session, I would initially feel heightened anxiety; then, a feeling of release of anxiety would follow. I feel calm the majority of the time now, even when public speaking.  I am so grateful to be liberated from chronic feelings of fear and worry. To anyone suffering from anxiety issues, I highly recommend healing sessions with Jake."



"As a nutritionist, I often see the profound connection between physical and emotional health. Jake White is an amazing healing professional who is compassionate and authentic. If you have not experienced integrative energetic medicine and you want to make a quantum leap in your physical and emotional health, I highly recommend Jake White."


"I'm glad I took the many suggestions from other friends who have worked with Jake. He has been wonderful to work with. This journey has truly helped me take healing to a new level. Thank you Jake!"



"As a Reiki Master and someone who has been in the bodywork/healing industry for over a decade, I would say that Jake White is one of the most talented and gifted energy workers I have ever met. He is patient, kind, and works well with people of all different backgrounds. Working with him teaches his clients what he does, but it teaches them more about themselves than they ever would have imagined! I have utmost confidence in Jake’s abilities, which is why I refer everyone I know to him."



"I have had one session with Jake and it improved my well being significantly. A simple conversation with complex emotions coming to the surface. Strange as it might sound the feeling of the energy flow is interesting and openly communicated. I felt the energy pent up in my chest at the start of the session and as the emotions and issues with my life were brought to conversation a change in the energy was moved from my chest to my feet. It’s as if it had started to flow like molasses from head to foot. It made me feel grounded and relaxed. Complex issues in life can not be solved with a conversation, but how you feel and truly how your body feels about these issues is changed for the better. The short simple session gave me a chance to feel the energy in my body and to understand it. Now, when I have stress in my life, my first thought is to see how my body feels and to meditate if my body calls for it. I am no master of this yet and I am still practicing this. However, I look forward to my next session with Jake so that he may guide me to a better understanding of energy."


"I have known Jake for a long time, and when his path took him in the direction of energetic healing several years ago, I was open to the idea of it, but a little skeptical of the practice as a whole, I will admit. That changed as soon as I had a session with Jake. Since then, I have had the privilege of having many sessions, each one building upon the one before. I have felt a profound shift in the way I live my life since I began working with Jake, and I know it stems from a continual effort to be aware of what is going on within myself, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, through energetic healing. I have found that even when I am not having a session, energetic healing has helped me develop the tools that help me continually check in with myself."