Simple Practices That Bring Life Changing Results


 We are always searching for tools and practices that can help us to find a greater sense of self support and grounding. My first approach with those that I work with is to give simple practices that can bring life changing results. Healing is a search to resolve core life experiences that we have not felt capable of addressing until the moment we decide to reach out for support. My focus is to help you to slow down your process in order for you to support your feelings and emotions, which gives you a sense of capability within the process of healing. These practices consist of connecting back to the experience of the physical body for grounding and stability, communicating while staying present for feelings, holding and supporting our emotional states, and tracking and naming our physical experience in order to release held energetic tension. These tools and practices help us to slow down our process and sustain the positive changes made in each Energy Healing and Somatic Experiencing Session. 

Supporting Articles

Integrative Energy Medicine


Integrative Energy Medicine is a technique that adjusts, unwinds, and soothes the energy systems of the human body. The energetics of the body correspond with the electrical current of the central nervous system. These electrical currents develop a subtle energy both within and outside the human body. During energy healing sessions, we address the ways in which stagnation, tension, fatigue, traumatic injury, stress, and repressed emotions show up as patterns within our body. By adjusting this subtle energy, we release tension held in the central nervous system, which leads to a greater capacity of healing and repair. Your healing work will include these adjustments as you develop a greater understanding of the energetic systems of the body and how this relates to your thoughts, emotions, physical health, and spirit. Energy Healing is an interactive and holistic approach that involves your full engagement and participation in your healing process. 

Healing at the Root

Through coaching you will receive guidance on how to relieve the current and historical tension in life and learn about how this impacts the energetics of the human body. This coaching is always directed toward the body in order for you to learn more about your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and life trajectory. As you navigate the sessions this gentle guidance gives you the ability to address some of the challenges through out life that have created what you currently experience as symptoms. Through coaching and instruction you will learn what is at the root of these symptoms and how to address them in an environment that is safe, grounded, and supportive. You will receive coaching that is based on the science of the nervous system through Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy, and the functioning of the energetic systems of the body through Integrative Energy Medicine. Both of these approaches will help you to release and resolve stress, anxiety, and tension in order to create health and balance in your life.


Sessions derive from my ten years of education and practicing Integrative Energy Medicine, My current study through the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, and six years of experience in teaching meditation and leading groups through programs, workshops, and classes.

Through modern scientific approaches to trauma relief and ancient wisdom of the energetic systems of the human body you will be fully supported through a deep and meaningful process of healing. 

Supporting You Through A Process Of Healing


 I offer individual energy healing and somatic experiencing sessions as well as healing plans that are utilized in order to support you in achieving your goals. These plans always begin with a series of questions that help you get your hands into your process. You will identify your reason for seeking out sessions, relationships that you would like to see improved, health concerns that you would like to address, past challenges that you feel still affect you today, where and how stress shows up in your life, and what you would like to achieve through your appointments. Once you identify exactly what you would like to work through, we then lay out a series of sessions to help you to reach your goals. Through weekly sessions, email support, and the development of self supporting tools, you will feel that you have addressed your chief concerns and can support yourself in making positive changes in your life. My goal is to layout the appropriate amount of time for you to focus on your personal process, integrate each session into your life, and reinforce the tools that are achieved through your appointments.  

If you would like to learn more about this process, please visit the article below. A recent client gave their permission to share their experience with the hope of helping others who may have had similar life experiences. 

What Will Appointments Look Like For You

During your energy healing and Somatic Experiencing appointments you will be sitting in conversation or lying down (fully clothed) on a massage table. Sessions while sitting are based on developing connection with the physical body in relation to conversation. Through this dialogue you will be guided in developing tools in order to support what is discussed in session. Sessions on the massage table (while fully clothed) are mostly performed off of the body with the exception to gentle applied touch to certain pressure points based on the technique being used. Dialogue will also be used in these sessions as you are asked questions in relation to the energetics that are being adjusted. Sessions on the table are based on facilitating the release of energy in order to bring the body, mind, and spirit back into a state of healing.  

Benefits of Energy Healing and Somatic Experiencing

  • Lessoning of stress and anxiety

  • Relaxation of physical tension

  • Release from depression

  • Better communication in personal relationships

  • Quickening of the healing process for physical injury

  • Better sleeping

  • Less reactive and more peaceful

  • Better able to focus and achieve personal goals

  • Feeling more empowered to make positive changes

  • Release of painful emotions such as guilt, shame, grief, disappointment, anger, and frustration

  • More freedom of movement in specific areas where there is physical lack of mobility

Learn from our past clients on the long term benefits of this approach to healing

Common Concerns That Have Been Addressed From Current And Past Clients

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Low self-esteem

  • Healing from past traumatic experiences

  • IBS and digestive issues

  • Chronic shoulder pain or immobility

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Migraines

  • Resolution for emotions such as anger, rage, guilt, grief, and sadness

  • Healing around personal relationships

  • Feelings of being stuck, out of balance, un motivated, or unfulfilled

  • Searching for meaningful loving relationships