The Healing Way is a support group that meets at 130 Peyton St. in Winchester Va. and is dedicated to bringing people together for the cultivation of practices to support meditation, stress management techniques, anxiety relief, trauma healing, honest discussion, and dynamic group interaction

It is incredible how our life can take a positive direction when we work on developing our personal practices around managing our stress and anxiety. In this group we focus on helping participants cultivate these practices in the form of meditation and self-awareness techniques. We want to help people to understand where, why, and how life becomes a struggle both currently and in the past and how to access our own resources to find self-confidence, self- love, health, and happiness. As a group and in these meetings we mirror to each other our own personal experiences, which helps us to each be a catalyst for each others healing. Where our own personal stories help others to deepen and embrace their own experience, while creating a healing circle of acceptance, listening, and non judgment. When we have a group that has this capacity to listen from a place of acceptance, it naturally makes us feel that we can accept ourselves. This type of environment creates shifts and changes in our energy, where we can support our life to move in a positive direction. Our goal is to help each member be consciously and courageously engaged in their life.

The group meets on the third Thursday of every month from 6:00 to 9:00pm at 130 Peyton St. in Down Town Winchester, and is taught and led by Jake White and Matthew Burkhart.

Class Features

  • Meditation

  • Dynamic group interaction

  • Learning and developing Communication from a heart centered place

  • Private Facebook group

  • Teachings on managing stress and anxiety

  • Energy healing techniques

  • Self Reflection Techniques

  • Trauma Relief

Join Our Monthly Group

Those that are interested in joining can use the form below to schedule a time to meet privately with Jake to talk more about creating a membership with this group. Please use the message box to indicate your interest in joining The Healing Way.

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