A Five Week Program at 130 Peyton St. in Downtown Winchester

Every Thursday in September and the first Thursday in October from 5:30 to 9:30 pm

Follow Up Google Hangout on October 10th from 7 to 8:00 pm

Tuition: $300

Conflict is not our natural state of being, we are meant to live from a foundation of connection, curiosity, aliveness, and freedom. However conflict does exist in all of our stories and can shift us away from our true foundation, causing a ripple effect that impacts how we think and feel about ourselves. Through self-forgiveness we are able to learn the natural process of letting go of these long standing conflicts that exist within our energy. The result is a life changing and empowering process of learning how to manage, heal, and release conflict from our life, so we can treat ourselves and others with love, compassion, validation, and new positive patterns. Through self-forgiveness we create a new foundation that has the power to guide us toward a more positive approach to life. 

What You Will Learn Through This Program

  • Forgiveness as a continual process of self love and validation

  • How conflict impacts us on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level

  • Techniques and practices to process physical and emotional experience in a safe and supportive way

  • A detailed mapping of your forgiveness process

  • Daily tools and practices for forgiving your conflicts

  • Creating and establishing healthy emotional boundaries with others

  • Understanding the power of personal belief systems

  • Learning how to forgive others through a more positive, gentle, and engaged approach to life

Course Features

  • Five Dynamic Group Classes

  • One Private Meeting with Jake

  • One Google Hangout

  • Handouts and Teachings on the Forgiveness Process

  • A Private Facebook Group

  • Daily Articles, Videos, and Quotes on Self-Forgiveness

  • Rituals and Ceremonies for Healing and Resolution

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Jake White 

is an Integrative Energy Medicine Practitioner who graduated from White Winds Institute of Energy Medicine in 2010 and is currently studying at the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute to become an SE Practitioner. Jake has a private practice in Winchester Va. where he works with individuals and groups, in order to resolve the energetic dynamics that keep us from being a consistent loving support system for ourselves. Jake has a passion for creating dynamic healing environments that invite us to live from a place of vulnerability, authenticity, and an open heart.