Workshop Description

If you look closely at stress you can begin to explore how your mind, body, and spirit react during heightened periods of tension. Often times during stressful situations we lose connection to our physical experience as our internal support system. This daylong workshop will give you tools and practices to understand the language of your physical experience. It will show you how to reconnect with a sense of grounding and safety and how to begin to manage and regulate the bodies natural stress response. Through the workshop you will gain simple and gentle techniques and movements that you can utilize to create movement, flow, and resolution for stress in which is held within our central nervous system. In the class we will also explore the role our mind plays in associating internal distress with our external conditions. With in this cycle we begin to create a lack of safety and connection in our current environment within the present moment. This class will teach you how to reconnect to your internal support, while creating new positive associations with the present moment. This will help you to regulate your mental energy while validating your feelings and emotions. From this place you will establish life long tools, techniques, and practices that will always keep you engaged with your internal and external support systems. 

Focuses of the Workshop

  • Learning about the nervous system and stress management

  • Techniques to reconnect with our physical experience

  • How mind, emotions, body, and spirit relate to the central nervous system

  • Practices to manage stress through self-awareness

  • Techniques and gentle movements to release and resolve tension

  • Creating consistent positive associations that reduce negative thoughts and patterns

Cost: 50 Dollars

Location: 130 Peyton St. in Down Town Winchester

Date: Saturday Aug 10th, 2019 from 10 am to 5 pm

This class is meant for all experience levels in relation to personal growth and healing

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Jake White: 

is an Integrative Energy Medicine Practitioner who graduated from White Winds Institute of Energy Medicine in 2010 and is currently studying at the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute to become an SE Practitioner. Jake has a private practice in Winchester Va. where he works with individuals and groups, in order to resolve the energetic dynamics that keep us from being a consistent loving support system for ourselves. Jake has a passion for creating dynamic healing environments that invite us to live from a place of vulnerability, authenticity, and an open heart.