My Mission

Is to facilitate healing through Integrative Energy Medicine, Somatic Experiencing, and in depth coaching in order for you to find resolution for current and past challenges in your life. This is done with the knowledge that you already have everything you need in order to support yourself fully. My commitment is to help you to develop the tools, awarenesses, and understanding that will guide you toward a sense of personal strength and self confidence. I will offer a safe, gentle, grounded, and compassionate space for you to slow down, stay present, feel, and be vulnerable. 

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Integrative Energy Medicine

Work to heal past trauma and gain a greater understanding of how these challenges lead to self-care and compassion. Healing occurs when we are able to create the tools necessary to remain present and create subtle shifts within the energetics of the human body



The Healing Way

Through this monthly group healing session, members of The Healing Way deepen their personal healing journey's together in a compassionate and committed group. Our focus is to facilitate and encourage the full expression of what is on our hearts and minds.