This webinar will be an experiential class on the topic of Authentic Power. In the class we will be discussing what the underlying factors are that motivate us to move forward in life. Sometimes we move forward with passion and self confidence while at other time we feel insecure and inadequate. Authentic Power always comes from developing a love and compassion that allows vulnerability into our life. When we are able to derive power from vulnerability we create forward movement with out dimming our light with self defeating thoughts and actions. In this class you will learn about how the energy of the human body gives us a road map into how we can love ourselves unconditionally. This unconditional love even includes the limiting thoughts that often stifle our forward progress. The class will be an exploration into how powerful we are when we decide to come from an authentic place inside of ourself. 
In This Webinar We Will Explore:

  • A meditation on the energetic anatomy in relation to power
  • Identifying where Authentic Power comes from 
  • Identifying where egoic power comes from
  • Developing a daily practice on releasing negative thoughts and beliefs
  • Discover how authentic power leads us back to wholeness
  • How you can truly practice self love, care, and compassion

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