When to Utilize Energy Medicine

April 29th / Jake White

Energy Medicine is an incredible tool to create shifts toward a fuller way of healing in all aspects of our life. We may not realize that we need some type of aid in healing. Most of the time we keep going the way that we have in the past with out taking time to search for a new approach or to create new tools for ourselves. We often don’t reach out for help until we have run out of options or are hitting the edge of our ability to manage our situation as it relates to our physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health. Crisis is not the best indicator that we are in need of some support in our life. Unfortunately this is often the time that we seek it out. Energy Medicine in its simplest description is preventative care and is designed to touch on all of the different aspects of our psyche. The time to seek out energy medicine is when we are feeling fatigue, having migraines, stress in our personal relationships, physical trauma, grief, anxiety, feeling stuck, having trouble making decisions, holding on to past challenging relationships, or recycling old anger, fear, disappointment, or resentment. All of these are indicators that we are in need of an adjustment and to begin to see how we can heal what is becoming a symptom in our life. Symptoms are not just physical they are also mental and emotional and they are an indicator that we have moved away from health and healing. Integrative Energy Medicine is utilized to get us back to healing and to find the deeper meaning to our surfacing symptoms.


Most disruption in our bodies starts out as a mild or subtle experience and then expands and surfaces as a more profound and challenging circumstance. When we can identify the subtle symptoms in our bodies then we are able to touch on it before it becomes a larger issue. While we generally focus on the physical aspects of healing we often don’t look at the body as interconnected; an issue in the physical body has an affect on our mind and emotions. Energy Healing sees our body as a whole and uses subtle adjustments in order to bring the body back into a place of healing. This is done through seeing what is causing disruption physically in the body and utilizing energetic healing techniques in order to relax and soothe the physical symptoms. As we do this then we can begin to talk about the other components in life that are adding stress. A physical symptom can then be related to complex issues in life that are causing strain.  Adjusting a physical component of the body may bring to the surface a challenging relationship, an old emotional wound, an unresolved situation, and etc. Through Energy Medicine we are able to see how the physical components of our body are connected to our mind and emotions, healing is complete when we touch on all of these aspects. This shows us that the point of any imbalance is to bring us back to a more complete way of living our life. Understanding this connection helps us to take ownership and care for the physical, mental, and emotional components of healing and to see our body as whole rather than operating as different aspects separately.


An example of this whole body approach occurred as I was working with a client dealing with an injury to the leg. As we began to soothe and adjust the energetics of the leg we then began to have a conversation. The client expressed having hurt that same leg when they were younger, their mother reacted to their injury by saying they did not have the money to go to the hospital. This is an example of the deeper connection that is being made and the surfacing of old wounds needing to be healed fully. The client was then guided toward speaking about this situation, how it felt, and how it has caused a current fear around finances. This is how we can bring a deeper connection to physical symptoms and see how it relates not only to past circumstances but also to current fears and anxieties. As the client made this connection she was able to understand that her fear and anxiety comes from a past experience and by relaxing and adjusting the energetics she was able to see that the healing was complete once the leg physically healed, when she was able to process an old wound around her mother, and begin to see where her financial worries and fears come from.  This is an example of how complete healing can be and how all the different aspects of our consciousness are being utilized in order to heal.


So when can we utilize energy medicine? Energy Medicine is designed to be an aid in your healing process. This means that as you are experiencing some type of physical, emotional, or mental strain then energy medicine is a wonderful technique to quicken the healing process. Energy Medicine is not designed to replace traditional Western Medicine but is designed to work along with it. It is an incredible tool and can lead to life changing adjustments to our whole self. Use energy medicine as an aid to getting back to health and as a way of deepening your own self-confidence, care, and compassion where all healing is meant to take you.