Simple Words

December 12th, 2016 / Jake White

I have found that through Energy Medicine there is a natural movement toward taking complex inner and external conflicts and bringing them down to specific words that simplify our experience. In many ways the complexity of our perceptions and identity are based around words that we create from our personal experiences. Words have the power to both externalize onto the world around us or to connect us to our internal feelings.


 I found for myself that being more aware of my actions helps me to identify why I make certain choices.  This question of why is how I began to understand where the complexity of my life boils down to experiences that I have had in my past. This initial desire to know ourselves helps us to create shifts in our energy that starts out by simply being able to provide the words we needed to hear during times of extreme vulnerability. Most of our words of self-judgment come from times of uncertainty and are linked to our emotions. Moments in our past where we did not feel capable, enough, or accepted. These words are born from not feeling capable during unrest. Our egoic conclusions are always connected to our capability of being present or secure in ourself.


Of course we can focus on the many negative conclusions we have made about ourselves during time of past stressful experiences, but I would like to instead focus on the words that help us bring closure to insecurity. These words are vital to us when we are experiencing a current challenge and are often exactly what we needed to hear as a child. During energy healing sessions with clients we often develop these simple words that we needed to hear and see the soothing and often life change effect they can have on our mind and body.


An example of a simple phrase that I found helpful for my self is, I am here no matter what, or no matter what happens I will love you. This may seem like a simple phrase that I could say to myself and of course I would feel better, but when it is brought down to the context of a child in a past challenging experience of being alone and afraid these words take on a stabilizing effect. It is often the case that insecurity is developed around the absence of someone being present for us. When we don’t feel that someone is there then we start to create our identity of not being enough or not being capable of handling the immense insecurity that comes from being alone and unable to manage complex emotions as a child. So these words when applied to our current insecurity in any part of our life send a signal to our self that we will be there for our self no matter what. In so many instances of insecurity we begin to enroll in our words that are based in a lack of capability and help us to externalize this experience with what could be causing these challenges. Our Simple words that we say to ourself reverse this movement and send a signal to our entire body that we are here this time and we will be here no matter what. These words have meaning and power because they are linked to unconditional love and are also linked to our own presence. During past occurrences of emotional stress we were looking for someone to say that it was ok and that they would not leave. Insecurity in our psyche always comes from a lack of presence both internally and in our external world.


I encourage you to begin to look closely at your insecurities and simply look inward at what may have caused them in your past. What are the current emotions that you are experiencing and where in your life have you felt this way? Our challenge with dealing with current conflicts often comes from the emotions that they bring up and how we have not learned how to be present for these experiences. When you identify where you have felt similarly in your past to a current conflict then begin to formulate what you needed to hear at that time. Often what you needed to hear is so simple and is linked to your own presence. I am here, its ok, or I will always be here no matter what, is a reminder to yourself that you are now together and whole within yourself and there is nothing that will arise in life that will take you away from your own living presence.