Beginning the Practice

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Jake White began his exploration into the healing arts in 2008, through enrolling at White Winds Institute of Energy Medicine. After completing this two-year certification program, he began to deepen his interest in meditation practices through the teachings of Vipassana and Mindfulness. After personally experiencing the life changing benefits of these two modalities, he decided to open his private practice, Jake White Healing LLC, in 2013. Over the course of this five-year period, he has had the privilege of working with hundreds of individuals in the area of personal development and healing. Through working with individuals he discovered a passion for helping people to develop a more positive and healthy relationship with themselves. Through Jake’s ten years of experience with Energy Medicine and meditation practices, he hopes to help people understand the root causes of disharmony so each individual can be a greater support system for themselves in all aspects of their life.

Through guiding people to become a greater support system for themselves Jake discovered that trauma is often at the root of many of our current challenges in life. In order to offer additional support to those that have suffered from trauma, Jake is currently enrolled at The Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute where he is working to complete his three year certification. Jake hopes to immediately integrate this techniques into his practice in order offer additional support and expertise in the area of trauma relief. 


Growing The Practice

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Over the course of working with individual clients, Jake felt the need to create more opportunities for people to delve deeper into their personal healing. In 2014, he created The Healing Way, which is an experiential and dynamic group learning environment that helps individuals develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their healing process, while creating personal practices around meditation, spiritual growth, dynamic group interactions, and specific topics in relation to Integrative Energy Medicine. From The Healing Way, he began to teach and lead groups through programs around topics such as self forgiveness, self compassion, creating positive energy through healing negative emotions, inner child work, and the chakra system. He has also reached out to the Community of Winchester Va. through teaching classes on meditation at Jala Yoga, Shenandoah University, Capon Springs Resort, and Business Networking International.

In His Personal Time

 Jake enjoys spending time working on his family farm and Cabin in West Virginia with his wife Elli White and son Luke White. Jake devotes his free time to soccer, taking walks along the Capon River, photography, yoga, meditation, and anything that involves being outdoors and working with his hands.

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